Intuitive Wellness

Nearly a year ago, Shawna Silberzahn approached me and told me about a business she wanted to start. Imagine if there was a life coach that offered you a customized journey towards better health based on research, experience, and most of all, you.

The goal of this coach wouldn’t be to sell you something or give you a diagnosis. It would be to see you improve, and improve based on your specific needs.

I am thrilled to introduce to you Intuitive Wellness.

Photo credit: Foli Images

Photo credit: Foli Images

Photo credit: Foli Images

Photo credit: Foli Images

This project was very special to me. My style naturally gravitates towards an organic, elegant, natural look, and that’s exactly what Shawna and Intuitive Wellness is all about.

Shawna is a beautiful mother and wife with a passion for wellness and yoga. It was so wonderful to work with her – she is easygoing and kind, and she showed eagerness and excitement every step of the way!

In the Intuitive Wellness brand, we wanted to utilize a handmade, flowing look, but still minimalist to give a peaceful, quiet feel. We chose natural colors that were toned down and soft. Lines are curved, fonts are light and easy on the eye.




Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.30.46 PM

The logo for Intuitive Wellness is hand-drawn and traced. The letters are intentionally imperfect and the circle is gentle and soft. I incorporated some Celtic elements in the graphic to communicate life, calm, growth, and nature. The infinite curve in the center communicates flow and flexibility.

On Shawna’s fully responsive website, we chose a theme that is light and fresh. It features a homepage with links to the other pages as well as her social media connections and the yoga alliance she is a member of. Also on the homepage is a slideshow featuring beautiful images taken by Josh Brabo of Foli Images (read my post about him here). There is an about section with a quick biography of who Shawna is and her philosophy. Also on the site is a packages page, featuring an interactive list of the services she offers – the full information expands beneath the titles when you click them. Finally, there is a contact page which allows potential clients to connect with her. The Packages and Contact page feature small header images, and all pages but the homepage have a sidebar with the yoga services she offers as well as a list of the problems she can help you conquer on the road to wellness. She also has custom business cards and a Facebook page with a custom header. Be sure to like her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter!




I am so excited for Shawna as she begins this new chapter with Intuitive Wellness! If you have health goals, whether it’s related to your weight, your eating habits, pre-natal or chronic illness health, or just to do some refreshing yoga, contact Intuitive Wellness. The road to thriving in a healthy lifestyle starts here!



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January 27, 2015