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Joshua Brabo is a talented local photographer I met a few months ago at an open mic event. I was in need of a photographer, and he was in need of a completely new look to properly represent his gift. I’m excited to show you what we’ve been working on these last couple months – the beautiful new face of Foli Images.




Joshua is a fantastic artist himself. He is constantly creating original line drawings and geometric patterns. It was fun to work with him because he has such a unique style, and so we were able to work together to come up with his new brand. One fun thing in particular is his business cards have one side with his information, and the other side features different examples of his stunning work. (You gotta collect them all!)


I talked extensively with Josh to figure out the soul and vision behind Foli Images. Your brand should reflect you. It’s more than graphically depicting your business, it’s a representation of the very personality of the business. As you can see in his photos, Josh has a very distinct look. Josh described how, in his photography, he doesn’t just want to capture the person in front of him. Josh is a very perceptive people person. He sees the potential in everyone he meets, and he wants to capture that potential in his photos as well.

In Josh’s brand, we used the graphic of leaves and tree rings to show this. I hand-drew the logo and Josh wrote out the script, which I then brought into Illustrator to trace and perfect. We chose four different leaves to rotate through for variety and alternate logos. The rings represent what is and the leaves represent what could be. For his color scheme, we went pretty neutral because he has such vivid, varying colors in his photography.




His website is completely mobile-friendly. It includes a dynamic full-width home page, specially-chosen Google fonts, an “About” page, a pricing page, a fun and interactive gallery page, and a contact page.

This was quite possibly my favorite project so far. I had a blast developing this, I absolutely love the style, I got to use all of my skills, and I can’t wait to see Josh move forward with his business! Go check out his site, like him on Facebook, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to have him as your photographer. He will blow you away!


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December 10, 2014