CTI Music Ministries Tee Shirt

CTI Music Ministries Tee Shirt

The ministry that I joined a year earlier asked me to do the honors of creating their tee shirt design. I excitedly said yes.

When asked what they wanted on it, they said, “Incorporate something that stood out to you from your experience with CTI.”

I spent my trip in Honduras, where it seemed there were mountains surrounding every horizon. Mountains were also used in an illustration during training for the power of the Gospel.

During my trip, I learned a new level of humility. The verse, “He must become more, I must become less,” rang in my mind.

Lastly, the Great Commission (where Jesus tells his disciples to go into the world sharing the Gospel) was made real to my heart.

I made this mountain with a reflection to illustrate the concept of “He must become more, I must become less” – we are mere reflections of the true God, and the upward/downward contrast of direction drove home this message. The concentric circles brought it together and also showed the concept of the Great Commission.

They asked for three colors – two varieties for team members to chose from, and a black and white version for the trainers (seen above).

It’s sometimes difficult to make a design that will translate well to a tee shirt, but I am confident this challenge was met in this project. It was well-received by all – even past members of CTI were asking for it!

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May 13, 2017